About Animorials
(And Meet Our Team!)

Animorials was founded to provide pet owners with a way to memorialize their relationship with their pets who have passed. Our memorials are far more than a grave marker — they are a symbol of life, and the love and affection that was shared in the (always too short) time you were blessed to share together.

The story of how Animorials began is a story of loss, which is unfortunately all too familiar to many. What seems like yesterday, we had lost our Cairn Terrier, Wally, to a hit and run driver who had left him in the street.

Frank wanted to help his wife Doreen with her inconsolable loss, but struggled to find a way to do so. Being in the construction field for over 30 years, Frank had been rehabbing a funeral parlor one day when a friend mentioned that they could make a headstone.

Short of a full gravestone intended for a person which is too costly and is not easily moved or customized, there are few options out there for pet owners, and none that are very personal. That night, Frank and his partner Fred went to work in the garage, and the first Animorial was created.

From then on, we set out to help other pet owners in similar situations deal with their loss and begin the mourning process, and enable them to memorialize their pet with a truly personal symbol of their life.

In Memory of Wally

You Will Be Forever Missed. 

Meet Frank

Frank’s love of all animals, especially dogs and more specifically, Albert, inspired him to create Animorials.

Meet Albert, Rocky, & Doreen

We’re here to answer the phone and all your questions!